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Helping every child reach their potential through education
Who does a campaign support

Every mountain climbed, every challenge taken, every Summit for Hope campaign launched is in support of the Dr. Thandi Ndlovu Children’s Foundation. 100% volunteer drive, the Foundation supports students to reach their potential through education.

The team is dedicated to supporting and assisting students in a holistic way.

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Help us educate a child by supporting one of our current campaigns. Volunteers selflessly put themselves forward to climb mountain peaks, endure cycle challenges or walk distances beyond their daily routine, all with the hope of bringing hope to South Africa through education. View the campaigns here.

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Would you like to raise funds for the worthy case of Educating students? Click here to find out more about starting a campaign.

Our goal is to raise funds for

10 students in 2020.

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Why We Support The Foundation

"It was during 2007 that I was introduced to Dr Thandi Ndlovu. It was one of those meetings which resulted in an immediate connection between two people and we both instantly knew that we would create a strong business and personal bond. Dr. Thandi's response to my asking her to join the Board of this relatively new company was without hesitation positive.

We mulled the case of how we should compensate her for her services, to which she responded that she was not joining the Board of the company for compensation, but cause. This created the thought that company should make donations to a fund that would support young under priviledged kids.

That was how the well-known and extremely positive Dr. Thandi Ndlovu Children's Foundation was born." - Koos van Ettinger

Summit for Hope is a B-BBEE Level 1

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